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Photo: Renate Madsen

Stine Sørlie is a Norwegian composer, educated at Gotland Tonsättarskola and the Norwegian Academy of Music. Her works include solo, chamber and orchestral pieces, and music for film, theater and dance. Sørlie is interested in creating compositional formats that include different variables which engage the musicians in an active manner, offering them options and flexibility when interpreting the music. She has written for numerous distinguished classical performers, as well as jazz and folk musicians, and for renowned ensembles including POING, Pinquins, BIT20, Cikada, Oslo Sinfonietta, Telemark Chamber Orchestra, Kitchen Orchestra, Architek Percussion, The Bozzini Quartet, Tre Voci, Små Grå, Pärlor För Svin, Curious Chamber Players, Mimitabu, and the Norwegian Radio Orchestra. Her works have been performed at festivals such as the Stockholm Chamber Music Festival, Hardanger Music Festival, Young Nordic Music Festival, Cluster: New Music and Integrated Arts Festival, Ilios, NuMusic, Only Connect, Borealis and Ultima. Sørlie has served as Chairperson of the Board in nyMusikks komponistgruppe, co-director of nu:nord, and project manager for the 100th anniversary of The Norwegian Society of Composers, where she has been Vice Chairperson since 2016.